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For the first time ever, #allofit is possible. With no-compromise products and the most effective compensation model in the industry, there is no end to your possibilities.

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No Compromise

The right combination of ingredients, in the right quantities and forms make up our groundbreaking formulations designed to nourish, protect, and power your body. Live healthier, be stronger and happier with our essential Micro Daily and Protein Daily products.

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the plan

The first of its kind, world class, #allofit plan delivers real-time visibility into your business and a compensation plan that drives activity and promises lucrative rewards. With weekly pay outs, and extensive reporting, you are given the tools for long term growth and success.

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Dr. Kedar Prasad PhD

Dr. Kedar Prasad PhD, our Chief Science Officer, developed the standard to perfect the combination of ingredients in the right form and in the proper quantities as he built the world’s best micronutrient supplement, Micro Daily.

Four decades of research informed this standard we call CQF. It stands for Combination, Quantity, and Form, and ensures that everything we offer to you is the highest quality—thoughtfully constructed to give your body exactly what it needs.

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EVIE is your partner in communicating with, educating, and nurturing every prospect. From the first connection through the entire text-based conversation, EVIE is the coach, mentor, and facilitates every interaction.

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Good works

Our mission is to Be Great by Doing Good. We measure greatness by how much good we can do for others and how much good they can then pass along.

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