A company is defined by its beliefs. Our belief is Abundance in Life for you and your loved ones.


We believe we can create abundance
for others with a simple principle we call FISH:

1. Freedom - Providing ways for people to free themselves from financial and health constraints.    2. Integrity - We do the right things the right way.    3. Service - Giving back and serving others is an essential part of an abundant life.    4. Hope - There is no greater gift you can give than Hope. 


Our Story


In 2012, Jason and David met with Randy Looper, PMC’s CEO, to learn more about PMC’s portfolio of products and determine the best means to bring them to the public. The company was already a research powerhouse with an impressive product portfolio. And yet, it lacked an effective means of sales. As a successful network marketer, Jason recognized PMC’s extraordinary potential to improve lives with its products.

As Jason and David carefully studied and scrutinized a number of different PMC products, Jason caught a glimpse of a single product in Randy’s bag. That’s when he asked Randy that pivotal question: “What’s in your bag?” Randy pulled the product out of his bag and introduced Jason and David to MMF. Since that day MMF has been changing the lives of countless individuals.


Our Leadership

David Nemelka

In 1993, after receiving an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, David Nemelka began his career working for the Fortune-100 company, Procter & Gamble. David’s career eventually moved to Wall Street, where he spent twenty years successfully investing in up-and coming companies.

After two decades of helping companies succeed, David switched his focus to helping everyday people succeed in their own business with a direct-to-consumer business model that would have a positive and lasting impact on lives, physically and financially.

Jason Golly

Early in his career, Jason Golly fell in love with network marketing. The idea of providing people with the means of creating true financial independence and security deeply inspired Jason as a young entrepreneur. In 1995, Jason began working with a small but energetic network marketing company. His market growth strategies and approach to building enabled that little company’s annual sales to skyrocket from $25 million to over $400 million in three short years.

In 2002, David and Jason were introduced by a mutual friend while on a fishing trip. Their shared love of business and entrepreneurship fueled a friendship that would grow over the next decade. In the summer of 2012, Jason & David attended a meeting hosted by the president of Premier Micronutrient Corporation…


MMF is a total body boost. And what’s more is we’ve got the reasearch & studies to prove it.


M.M.F. Military
Micronutrient Formula

30 Years of Research, 14 Clinical Trials, 7 Patents



Clinically proven Anti-aging, Energy Boost, Reduced Inflammation, & Natural Repair Trigger