Dr. Kedar N.
Prasad PhD

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Our very own

Nobody truly exemplifies #allofit quite like our good doctor Chief Science Officer and product formulator. Dr. Kedar Prasad Ph.D., has spent his entire career looking for ways to protect our bodies from the damage caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. These two issues can have devastating results if not actively fought. When injury occurs, they are given even more power and can speed the process of breaking down cells and making the practice of repair and healing much more difficult.

To see all of Dr. Prasad’s published works, visit: GOODREADS and PUBMED.

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A passion
for truth

What began as his sole passion and mission has culminated in the development of an optimal health system of products known as Micro Daily and Protein Daily. They are changing and improving the quality of life for thousands of people around the world every day.

Learn more about how Dr. Prasad’s journey to Micro Daily and hear him explain his CQF Standard as it relates to both Micro Daily and Protein Daily.

CQF Seal


Over FOUR DECADES of science and research are behind this powerful standard Dr. Prasad created to perfect the precise combination of ingredients in the right form and in the proper quantities in every product he creates. The CQF standard is the foundation for all current and future formulations for Engage Global. There are no better, more validated products in the world.