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In early 2012, David Nemelka learned about a scientifically validated product developed by Dr. Kedar Prasad on behalf of the Department of Defense. Over $23 million was spent on the successful validation of this product, originally called Military Micronutrient Formulation (MMF), and now called Micro Daily.  At that time, Dr. Prasad was looking for a partner to bring MMF, the pinnacle of his 40 years of research and science on micronutrients and antioxidants, to the mass market.


After graduating from the Wharton School with my MBA in 1993, David’s first job was with Proctor and Gamble in their Health Care division. He was responsible for evaluating the research and science that was being publicized about the optimal health benefits of antioxidants and micronutrients. As a lifelong entrepreneur, though P&G was a great company and training ground for the beginning of his career, David’s desire to be master of his own destiny, moved him to leave P&G and start his own Venture Capital company. As a venture capitalist, he was always looking for new business opportunities. In early 2012, that opportunity knocked on his door when a mutual friend asked if I was interested in meeting with Dr. Prasad's company and learning more about their MMF product. Because of his early career efforts on supplements with P&G, I was intrigued.

After learning about the 14 clinical studies and over $23 million spent on developing and validating Dr. Prasad's research and science, David became convinced that there was a massive business opportunity associated with MMF and Dr. Prasad

He then negotiated and funded the acquisition of the MMF formulation and started Engage Global as a result of his belief that there could be a huge financial windfall by bringing it to the mass consumer market.

Having experience in the mass consumer market and understanding the costs associated with launching a new brand in the market, he decided that Direct Sales would be the most effective way to bring MMF to the masses with a person to  person marketing strategy. When he started Engage Global, his business career was focused on making money and he found meaning and purpose in family and faith.  A little over two years after starting Engage Global his life was transformed and his business paradigm was stretched by an experience he had in August of 2014.

At the time, he had the opportunity to attend a meeting in Southern Utah with several hundred people who had been using Micro Daily.  The stories that they told of the health transformations they had experienced because of Micro Daily and Engage Global radically changed David’s vision of what Engage Global should and could become.  He realized that Engage Global could not only be a company that made money, but more importantly it could be a company that makes a positive difference for millions of people.  For him the old business paradigms were redefined. Capitalism which has always been about profits and making money, now became compassionate capitalism which for is doing business to make money by making a positive difference in people's lives.

The transformation on that fall day was of such an impact that it stretched his mind and his heart in a way that meant he could never go back. Engage Global became an opportunity to create a community of like-minded people who are united in a mission to bless humanly by being great at doing good.​ Join David and our Engage Global community and work with us toward your Optimal Health, Optimal Wealth and an Optimal Life by Engage Daily with our products and our community.