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Very few successful companies can point to a seminal moment in time when people and fates align and something very special is born. such is the case with Engage Global.

The lives of three very different individuals converged on a day where their collective preparation led to the genesis of a company that is changing the lives of everyone it touches. This is the story of the birth of a growing phenomenon known as Engage Global.

It happened in 2012. Venture capitalist David Nemelka and direct sales expert Jason Golly, friends who shared a love of business and entrepreneurship, heard about the groundbreaking work of Dr. Kedar Prasad, renowned researcher and one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject of micronutrients.


In 2002, Dr. Prasad and his colleagues—who also had interest and expertise in micronutrients developed a groundbreaking formulation that was proven to attack and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation at their source. This is important because these conditions are the precursors to the majority of today’s most prevalent health concerns.

Dr. Prasad’s work had gained the attention of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) after a post-9/11 DOD study had shown that military personnel serving in the field under extreme conditions were more likely to suffer the effects of oxidative stress and the illnesses caused by it.

After gaining the confidence of DOD officials, Dr. Prasad and his colleagues garnered $12. 5 million in Congressional funds and more than $11 million in private funding to validate the product’s efficacy. More than a dozen studies later—including seven human clinical trials, some of which were conducted on individuals exposed to extreme conditions—the formulation was proven to protect and repair the body at a cellular level, significantly supporting the prevention and reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

Following the validation process, the DOD ordered a substantial quantity of the formulation, initially named Military Micronutrient Formula (MMF), to use with military personnel. But because Dr. Prasad and his colleagues realized the potential implications that this product had for everyone, they soon began to explore the possibility of taking their revolutionary formulation to people around the world.


When David and Jason met with a representative of Dr. Prasad, they were initially presented with a number of products that were derivatives of the MMF formulation—but not the original product. Then they noticed a blister pack of capsules in this man’s brief case and had the presence of mind to ask, “What is that?”—a question that would dramatically alter the course of their lives.

The representative pulled the blister pack from his bag and explained that the product in question was the original product that Dr. Prasad and his colleagues had developed—the one that represented Dr. Prasad’s life’s work and which had been validated by extensive testing, including substantive, third-party human clinical trials.

Their interest shifted into overdrive. Because of Jason’s deep background in marketing nutritional products at other direct sales companies, he realized the significance of a product like MMF. As a savvy businessman who had helped several companies grow into multimillion-dollar success stories, David recognized the pioneering nature of this product and the unparalleled opportunity it represented.

David and Jason asked to see the more in-depth information about MMF. After receiving the necessary clearances, they were provided with the impressive research findings on MMF, as well as with samples of the products. The more they read, and the more they and their families experienced the benefits of MMF firsthand, the more excited they became. They knew they were onto something revolutionary that had the potential to bless and alter the lives of millions of people.


Over the next few months, David and Jason worked feverishly to secure the worldwide licensing rights to the MMF formulation, which they ultimately did.

With exclusive rights to the groundbreaking MMF formulation, they were ready to take it to the world. But first things first. David would provide the funding, but what about the sales vehicle? David and Jason’s combined experience told them that the only way to protect the integrity of the MMF story was to tell it person to person—which was also the most effective way to market MMF itself. They understood that the direct sales business model could fulfill their shared passion to create a company and opportunity that would enable individuals to develop a more abundant, purposeful life. And with that decision behind them, Engage Global was born.

In the intervening time before its launch, David and Jason worked to develop all the other elements that were necessary to drive the company’s growth. The formal U.S. launch took place in November 2014, and sales took off immediately.


Today, Engage Global is preparing to move into the next phase of strategic growth. Dr. Prasad has joined the company as its Chief Scientific Officer, serving as a company spokesperson to provide background and validation for MMF, as well as consulting with the company on future product strategy.

The name of the flagship product is still MMF, but its meaning has evolved to better reflect what it was created to do. MMF now stands for Maximum Micronutrient Formula, which means that this revolutionary product is for everyone. Tens of thousands of people are enjoying its benefits while thousands of others are choosing to participate in the business opportunity, earning income that is helping them create the lifestyle they have always aspired to.

This company, which began in a moment of epiphany, is well positioned for the future, and many exciting developments are on the horizon, including the recent launch of a powered drink version of MMF, known as MMF Hydro. This lite, citrus-favored drink speeds absorption to the body, enabling you to experience the benefits of MMF at the speed of now.


Although Engage Global represents years of scientific research and business success, it is still on the ground floor of what it will become. “It’s not primarily about the money at Engage,” David says. “We have the belief that if we continue to identify and bring proven, premium products to market that make a meaningful impact upon people’s lives, the money will follow.” MMF is the ultimate example of that principal. He notes that because the company will only offer products or services that enhance lives in unique, exceptional ways, the key to its future is building a relationship of trust with Engage Global members and customers.

Ultimately, says, David, he and his team are creating a company that subscribes to integrity, is focused on service, and which always strives to operate in the best interests of their members and customers. “We are committed to creating a company featuring best-in-class products and an accompanying business opportunity that people can trust, where they can live out their dreams, and where they can make a predictable residual income if they desire to do so.”